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Meet Our Staff

lady leaning her head on elderly woman

Comfort Caregivers’ function revolves around one simple concept: to watch over your loved ones and keep them healthy and safe. Our bonded and insured staff has been trained with a balance of skills and education to maximize their effectiveness in caring for your loved ones.

We are proud to have great people on our staff – a product of our strict and thorough hiring process.

Our commitment is based on the preservation of your loved one’s health and well-being as they enjoy remaining in the comfort of their own home.

Our prospective clients can meet with our staff for any special requests that will help us address your loved one’s needs. Comfort Caregivers employs caregivers who are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in the field. Due to these characteristics, they are able to provide the exceptional home care services that we offer to our clients.

To take advantage of our services, please feel free to contact 650-320-7625. We, at Comfort Caregivers, support your loved one with the best care available.