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About Us

senior hispanic man with her caretaker in the garden

Every day, more and more individuals need home care and assistance. However, many of them are unable to get access to it. Comfort Caregivers was founded with the intention of making home healthcare available to all.

Recognizing the fact that many of our clients do not want to be away from their own homes, Comfort Caregivers will come to them to provide the home healthcare services that they need and deserve. Our services are provided by qualified and dedicated personnel who have a deep understanding of what you or your loved one is going through.

The Founder of Comfort Caregivers

Comfort Caregivers’ founder has over 35 years experience as a caregiver, assisted living facility manager, administrator and trainer. She began working in home care services to provide care for seniors as well as others who are in need of services in their own homes. She is committed to providing compassionate, safe and affordable care. Comfort Caregivers is a premier choice in home caregiving services.

Dedication as Caregivers

We, at Comfort Caregivers, love what we do and we care about your loved one’s needs. We know how precious life is. Our excellent service aims to eliminate the stress and worry a family often experiences over the care of their loved one.

Our Mission

Our mission at Comfort Caregivers is to provide loving, quality care to seniors in their own homes to maintain or restore their physical and mental well-being. Clients are also comforted and at ease knowing that an experienced caregiver will be there to assist them, any time, day or night, without changing their routines. At Comfort Caregivers, we help seniors to maintain their lifestyle, not just their lives.

Let us help you live independently for as long as possible. Please call 650-320-7625 to learn more about our services.

Non-Discrimination Policy
Comfort Caregivers prohibits discrimination in service provision and employment. Conforming to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, our staff and management protects the right of clients to equal service provision without regard to race, gender, disability, color, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, ancestry or ethnic background.